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Thursday, May 9, 2013

We Have Discs In Stock!

Maxfli and Calloway and recognized names that golfers know are solid performers out on the links. So, too, we have some solid performers for all you Disc Golf fans. Here's a list of current inventory in stock for both the amateur and the serious disc oficianado. Next time you want to come out for a round at the Carlton Disc Golf Course.

Innova discs in stock
Yeti Pro Aviar. 3x World putting champion ( yellow, red, orange). 14.00
Champion Avair. Lime green, orange. 17.00
Champion Leopard- Fairway driver. 16.99
Champion Teebird-Fairway driver. 16.99
Valkyrie Distance driver blue, orange. 10.00
Destroyer distance driver pink. 10.00
Destroyer Blizzard Champion. 18.00
Pro Vulcan distance driver blue. 14.00
Pro Orc distance driver yellow. 14.00
Orc distance driver orange. 10.00
2x World champion Beast burgundy & orange. 17.00
R-Pro Wahoo distance driver. 14.99
Star Valkyrie distance driver red. 17.99

Discraft stock 
Challenger Pro D Putt & Approach Aqua, pink, yellow, green, orange. 11.00
Focus Pro D Putt & Approach orange. 11.00
Magnet Pro-D Putt & Approach aqua, pink. 11.00
Soft Magnet Pro-D Putt & Approach orange pink. 11.00
Ringer Pro-D Putt & Approach white (2). 11.99
Pro D Banger-GT Putter red. 11.99
Comet Mid-Range PDGA approved yellow. 16.99
ESP Impact white, yellow. 19.00
Avenger Maximum Distance Driver PDGA Approved red. 16.99
Avenger SS Maximum Distant Driver PDGA Approved orange. 17.00
Surge Maximum Distance Driver PDGA Approved red, pink. 19.00
Stratus Long Range yellow, red. 11.00

Come on down and make a game of it.  Can't spring to purchase? Maybe we can rent you a set.

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