Conveniently located on Hwy 210 in Carlton, MN, just 3 miles off I-35,
right on the Willard Munger Trail near Jay Cooke State Park.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Carlton Is Happening

Check out the motorcycles. This is the view from in front of Hobo Junction and Carlton Bike Rental. We like the activity. This is not your typical sleepy little town.

A few weeks ago, Joelene Steffens, visionary proprietor of Carlton Bike Rental, said, "We're definitely trying to make Carlton happen. This weekend we happen to have a gun show in town and it’s just phenomenal the traffic that's going through that parking lot. It’s been non-stop all day long. We had a chicken swap in our town a couple weeks ago. We're just looking for those opportunities to generate community and we want people to bring their families here. So we've got Jay Cooke State Park right down the road. It’s a beautiful bike ride from here to Jay Cooke and you can, while you're there, check out a GPS unit and go on a scavenger hunt. Kids think it’s fantastic. It covers all different age groups and while you're there you will see many adults doing the same thing. The great thing about it is it's free."

Stay tuned because just as summer follows spring, the best is yet to come. Minnesota starts here!

Photo courtesy Doris Sampson

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