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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bikes A-plenty

What a beautiful day here in the Northland. The sun is hot, the sky blue. You really need to get outside this weekend.

We all know that slathering lotion over your skin and becoming an incipient sun worshipper is one way to enjoy the daylight hours of summer. On the other hand, a better way might be to grab a bike and go for a ride. Besides being fun, and cool, it's a great way to see the world.

The website ibike.org lists 60 great reasons to take up bicycling. In addition to increasing mobility and helping your cardiovascular system, the top of the list is a reminder that bicycling is an activity that leave zero carbon footprint.

Biking is a great activity. If you want a place to embrace biking, there's a wonderful network of Minnesota bike trails to explore. And it's only getting better.

Check us out. We have bikes for your little tykes, bicycles built for two and even offer picnic lunches. There's a good reason Carlton has become a happening place. We're happy yo be in the midst of it, because Minnesota starts here.

Flower photo courtesy Randy Samarzia. To see more of Randy's remarkable nature photography, visit www.pbase.com/csphoto

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